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I’m Like a Bird

You’re beautiful, that’s for sure You’ll never ever fade You’re lovely but it’s not for sure That I won’t ever change And though my love is rare Though my love is true

Trevor watched Claire from across the room talking to the single’s class. She was so animated, waving her arms, shaking her head, smiling. When she walked into any room her smile and laugh could light up even the darkest corner. It was a shame that such a bright candle had to be dimmed by the dimensions of what society placed on her, always playing her to be the person who was there to help. She should be the star of it all. But she always ended up on the road of life as the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Trevor took a sip of his coffee and tuned back into what she was saying to him. Coming out of his reverie he shook his head, trying to shrug off his visions that he was having of Claire. He couldn’t shake the waking dream he was having of her and him walking through the park, like they had in the past. But in the dream he drifted up and away from her, as if he was flying away. He could see her walking along the path, wearing her favorite black coat and baseball cap, turned backwards. He drifted farther and farther away from her until he was almost in orbit with the moon. Looking down on the earth, facing towards where Chicago would be on the North American continent there was only a shining, gold light. He watched the clouds pass over and cloud the little twinkle light and then catch sight of it again as soon as the clouds passed overhead.

He watched the sun set on Chicago and yet the little twinkle light continued to shine, even when it was completely dark around it. He knew it was the light from Claire that was shining up, even though he couldn’t see her. Straining his eyes, he tried to pull himself back down to see Claire closer, to watch her smile and create the light that was her soul and spirit.

I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly away I don’t know where my soul is, I don’t know where my home is (and baby all I need for you to know is) I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly away I don’t know where my soul is , I don’t know where my home is All I need for you to know is

The class had ended and yet Trevor was still staring off into space. She sat in her chair and made sure everyone had left before she stood up and went over to Trevor. She didn’t know if he was all right or what was going on. His eyes had a far away look and that really bothered her. She glanced from him and then over to the window to see if she could pick out what he was straining to see but found nothing except the brick building across the street.

Rubbing her eyelids, she felt them getting tired, misting over. She kept looking into Trevor’s eyes and seemed to get lost in them. Blinking rapidly, her vision was clouded in bright light. She shut them tightly and gripped Trevor’s leg to regain her balance. Counting to ten, she opened her eyes. She was standing amidst trees watching white dove circle up and up through the sky getting higher and higher into the sky where it finally merged with a passing white cloud. The sun filtering though the canopy of trees, obscuring the cloud and the bird, making everything turn a hazy color.

Trying to get the fog to clear from her vision, she rapidly blinked her eyes again. From blink to blink Claire was seeing the canopy of trees and then another blink she was in the Cuppa Java meeting room standing in front of Trevor. Blinking again, she caught a last glimpse of the clouds in the sky and then she was permanently back in the meeting room. Trevor was now looking at her, concern expressed in his eyes.

“Claire, you are so close to me I think I can see your next mental health review board notes in your eyes. What gives?” he asked her as she backed away from him.

“I’m not sure. You had spent most of the meeting staring out the window and I came over to see if you were all right. You didn’t even say one thing during the meeting. Everyone kept asking me if you were feeling okay.” She said, as she sat down into the armchair.

“I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?” He paused and looked away from her. “Besides the fact that I am a god who has been turned into a human, banished from my home and everything I know. And for what? To learn a lesson!” Grimacing, he stood up and ran a hand through his hair. “I swear to god this is like a really bad after-school special, Greek-God style.” Putting his coat on, he looked at Claire and raised an eye brow. “Are you having a sleep over here or just wanting to keep the cappuccino company?”

Waking up from her reverie, her mind still fuzzy about the experience she just had, she looked up at Trevor and smiled. “Nope, just waiting until you finished your tirade.”

“Tirade?” He asked as they both walked out the door, closing it behind them as they left. “You haven’t seen a tirade until you see Ares lose a war. That is a tirade.” He smiled at her as they walked down the stairs. They went their separate ways after reaching the road, Claire to her house and Trevor to continue his matchmaking of couples.

Your faith in me brings me to tears Even after all these years And it pains me so much to tell That you don’t know me that well And though my love is rare Though my love is true

Later that evening, Claire had finished her article for the newspaper and had popped in to check on Trevor at Taggerty’s. She wanted to make sure that his behavior hadn’t changed since the episode at the Single’s counseling session and gotten worse. She sat down on a bar stool and observed his work.

Noticing Claire had come in to the bar, he smiled and waved in between mixing drinks and opening beers. As soon as he had a moment, he sauntered over to her. “Name your poison, Sparky.”

“Corona and lime.” Claire said, as she scribbled a few lines in her notebook.

“Whatcha writing?” Trevor asked, as he tried to peak at her notes.

“None of your business.” Claire said as she shut the book before his hand could grab it. “Forget it, Trevor.” Ignoring Claire, he started to jump up and grab the book but Claire was faster and she through it into her backpack.

“Ahh, you are no fun.” He said, crossing his arms and pouting.

“Yes, this is what its like to be responsible. Have you checked into that virtue lately?” Claire said, grinning.

“Responsibility was not one of the virtues that I grew up around.”

Taking a drink of her beer, Claire watched Trevor get back into the work of flirting with the attractive women at the bar, making the men bump into the women, and of course, serving drinks.