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Trevor opened the door of the hospital. 
"Hey, watch your step!" an angry voice shouted.
Trevor apologized to the man he had bumbed into and
continued his way to the elevator. This couldn't be.
He was angry at the thought of having been only a
puppet in a God game. He pressed the candy box on his
chest a little harder, almost afraid to let it fall on
the ground. He was angry, but he was also afraid.
Afraid of what he had to do. 
The elevator door opened and Trevor stepped in. Alone
in this tinny space he sighed again. Yes. He was
afraid to make a decision. What was he supposed to do
with the candies. Feed on them? Make Claire eat them?
What would happen? Would this set Olympus on fire?
Zetha hadn't been very clear about that. But he knew
that the family wouldn't aprove. Whatever Zetha had
said. They weren't the one's who had sent Claire to
him. So who was it?
The elevator door opened again and Trevor startled
when Claire came in.
"Session was at 5! It's 6:35. You better have a good
reason for being late." Claire said, her foot taping
the floor impatiently.
Trevor didn't answer and the door closed on them.
"I'll have to report that you know, I can't always --
what's wrong?" Claire looked at Trevor concerned.
His gloomy face made her shiver for a second. Trevor
took a deep breath and pushed the Stop button on the
elevator's control board. The elevator stopped a few
second after, making them lose their balance. Trevor's
candy box fell on the floor in a quasi slow motion
move spreading the candies on the floor.
"What's this?" Claire said
"Venus' candies" Trevor answered slowly looking at the
red candy carpet under his feet.
"No. I mean what's this! Why did you stop the
Trevor looked at Claire in the eye.
"We need to talk."
"Talk? In an elevator?" Then off Trevor's look she
reconsider. "What's wrong Trevor? I've never seen you
like this before. No banter, no smile, no sarcastic
Trevor sat on the ground, picked out a candy and
showed it to Claire.
"Do you know what those are?" He asked.
"Jellybeans? They're candies. I just-- (she sat near
him) I don't understand. What happened to you?"
"I have a choice to make Claire. I don't know what to
"A choice concerning what?"
He looked at her deeply:"Everything".
Claire stood up, nervously.
"This is crazy, right. You're trying to freak me out
with an act. It's Valentine's Day Trevor, not April's
"No act here, Claire. I just can't make that decision
by myself."
"What decision?"
Trevor stood up and came near Claire holding her gaze
into his.
"What do you think is going on between us?" he asked
"Us?" Claire blinked.
"I mean... why do you think I was sent to you?"
"Trevor - - We've been through this already. Billions
of time."
"No, not like this. You've always played defensive,
stating that the hospital had called you, but what I
really mean is 'why do you think we had to meet'"
"I don't believe in fate Trevor. It happened. It
happened because I was there and because I was a moron
at the time and I answered my cell phone when I should
just have let it rung."
"Do you really mean that?" Trevor said coming a little
closer. "You rather have never known me?"
Claire sighed. "No, of course not. My life would be
different. Quieter. Tranquil. Normal. "
"Boring." Trevor added with a small smile.
Claire picked up that smile and smiled back.
"Here you go. That's more like the Trevor I know. So
what's happening?"
"How much are you ready to let go for me Claire?"
Trevor asked suddenly.
Claire was about to answer when suddenly the elevator
made a noise and started to move again. Trevor looked
up, pursed his lips. He kneeled down and put back the
candies in the box. 
When the elevator door opened Trevor had managed to
rescue all the jellybean-like candies exept one.
Claire had picked up the last one. 
"I think that having you in my life answers your
question Trevor. I've let go of everything I had to
help you get better."
Saying so she cleaned the candy with a kleenex,
examined it in the light and finally put the candy in
her mouth.
"No!" Trevor shouted.
(to be continued in another challenge!)

By Catherine