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Madlib Challenge #2
Previously on the Catherine's challenge:

>>>When the elevator door opened Trevor had managed to
rescue all the jellybean-like candies exept one.
Claire had picked up the last one. 

"I think that having you in my life answers your
question Trevor. I've let go of everything I had to
help you get better."

Saying so she cleaned the candy with a kleenex,
examined it in the light and finally put the candy in
her mouth.

"No!" Trevor shouted.>>>>>>

* * *

A few people around stopped in mid-step to look at
Trevor as if he were demented. Claire swallowed the
candy and looked back at him, concerned.

"What is it, Trevor?"

Trevor gazed deeply in her eyes and after a few
seconds looked around him, expecting a impending
apocalypse of some sort. Nothing happened.  Even
Claire looked absolutely fine.


Claire's voice took him out of his reverie and
blinking a few times he parted with:

"Sorry, Claire. I've gotta go."


He pressed the candy box against his chest

"I've got to go back to the store. I know it doesn't
make much sense to you, but it will. Just believe me.
Something weird happened to me today and I am not sure
I am who I am supposed to be."

Claire analyzed his words a few seconds: "Well Trevor
it's not like you ever acted like you were what you
are supposed to be!"

Trevor pursed his lips. "Just let me some time. I have
to think. I have to - -"

"If you want I can come to see you later, check up
with you, make sure everything is fine."

"I don't need to be snuggled, Claire." Trevor said
softly. "I need time to process what I've learned

"You learned what exactly?" Claire's voice was
surprisingly soft, very concerned.

Trevor sighed. It was no use to flee from her. He
could feel it in his entire body. Everything in him
was screaming to be with her. How come he never
noticed it before? 

"What about coffee?" Claire offered, finally.

Trevor nodded.

* * *

Trevor and Claire opened the door of the coffee shop
and were immediately swooshed over  by the exotic
perfume of the coffee beans and the warmth created by
the evaporation of the steam. Somehow, this little
paradise of smell seemed to welcome them for some
confidence. They found a spot in the back of the shop
where no one would disturb them.

"Now tell me what's on your mind." Claire said once a
hot cup of coffee was in her hand.

Trevor didn't touch his cup. He took  his spoon and
started gesticulating with it.

"I can't believe they did this to me." He said


"The gods, Claire. They lied to me. They told me I was
sent here because I was punished, but…" He looked at
her intently. "Are you sure you are okay? The candy… I
mean - -"

A man carrying an old hurdy-gurdy stepped in the
coffee shop at that very moment. He looked around him,
searching for possible couples who would generously
offer him some money. He spotted Trevor and Claire and
with a small smile, approached them.

"Can I offer you a little ode mam' and sir?"

His voice was shaking, but his green eyes were looking
deep into their owns without blinking.

"I am sure the little mam' here deserves something
pretty." The man said looking right into Trevor's

"We are not a couple." Claire said with a smile. "But
please take this and have a cup of coffee to warm
yourself up.'

She gave him a few dollars and the man's smile

"Gee, thanks mam'. " He limped along, still carrying
his instrument on his shoulder.  After a few steps he
turned back and only talking to Trevor as if suddenly
Claire had disappeared he said:

"Remember that courtisane in the 19th century? What
was her name? Yes… Marguerite. That lover of hers,
Armand, was too proud to accept who she was… he left
her. When he came back it was too late. She was dead.
Don't wait 'till she dies before telling her you love
her. Don't let the candy be the weapon to take her
away from you!"

Trevor gasped at the word "candy". Who was that man
who seemed to know so much? Did he know Zetha? Was he
sent by her?

"Who are you?" Trevor asked.

"Not a good question. Ask again."

Trevor looked at Claire, but she seemed petrified in
her seat. As if  time had stopped around him. Only the
old man looked alive.

"What did you do to her?"

"Nothing. The time is suspended momentarily. She'll be
fine as soon as I break the spell."

The man started to turn the wheel of his hurdy-gurdy
and a plaintive melody  interrupted him for a few

"Of course… 'fine' is such a vague word." The old man

Trevor stood up and took the man by the collar. "What
do you mean 'vague word'?".

"It's like import-export', the old man said
unimpressed by Trevor's gesture. "Who the hell knows
what it really means? So vague…"

"What was in the candy?" Trevor asked firmly.

"Zetha told you. Love."

"So why should she not be fine?"

The old man showed his neck to Trevor, asking him
silently to release him on the ground. After a few
seconds, Trevor finally let him go.

"Love is like a wart." The old man said slowly, taking
his time, enjoying his story. "You think that once
you've spotted it you can control it and make it go
away. But it spreads so fast. You don't even see it
and suddely your whole body is infected."

"Love is not a decease!" Trevor said.

"Oh, yes it is… the worst one. You start to love and
then nothing else matters; you become blind, stupid,
you lose everything you ever had that made some sense
in your life. You become a love slave. Like a wart you
try to destroy it, but you can't. It takes over your
entire body and finally kills you."

Trevor looked at the man, suddenly afraid to
understand who he was. But he knew too well now. He
glanced at Claire and started to shiver.

By Catherine

(to be continued)