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Mrs Schramrock
About Me


About Me
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Hi there!  I am a happily married woman, 26 years old, living in the United States. I decided to start this website after  requests from friends to buy my underwear or lingerie!!
If you made it here you are probably curious as to why I have this page.I offer my personal items to men & women who are interested in smelling or perhaps even tasting me.
I really enjoy knowing you have something so personal of mine.Its always been such a huge turn on for me to know something that has been so close to my body is now close to yours.
I take the time to make each lingerie item unique for each person. I include much more then just my panties. I like to include handwritten notes, and a swatch of my perfume so that you can get the full effect of my items.
I will guarantee that I wear anything you purchase for a full 24 hours before sealing them in an airtight bag and mailing them to you in a discreet envelope.
I will ship worldwide!
Love and hugs,
Mrs. Schamrock

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