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For the love of Cupid!
Take the Cupid Fanfic Challenge!!!

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Take the challenge! Pick up that pen, punch on the keyboard, get the creative juices of love flowing!! The people on the Cupidtv email list have come up with some creative, fun, and inspired ideas for people looking for a fanfic challenge.

So pick a challenge, write it up, and send it in to spread the love!!

Make Trevor proud by checking out the new challenges and submissions!

Remember, to see the already submitted fanfics for the challenges, click on the image of the gang above the challenge description.

The challenge that started it all-round robin story!.jpg


Would anyone like to start a thread where someone
writes a little of a
story, and then the next person picks it up from
How about this:

Claire's marrying Frank. At the rehearsal dinner,
Claire shares a dance
Trevor, who is strangely subdued.

**This is currently in production(which means we need more people to write more!! So get cracking on writing the next section for this story!)

(Submitted by Steve Oyervidez)

Love in an elevator!!.jpg


what would happen if Trevor and Claire got trapped in
an elevator? What would happen? Elevator twister??

Fanfic submitted as of 2/18/2001: 1

(by Beltarris)

What would happen if?.jpg


Write a story (be it episode, fanfiction, vignette,
crossover) including at least three of the

- Strong and continuous reference to a color (of your

- We discover Trevor's real identity

- Claire is wearing a blond wig

- The Cupid universe is transposed in another era

- Champ gets a real role in a movie

- Trevor is faced with someone else who pretends he is

- Claire and Trevor are trapped somewhere and must
share some time together

- At least two references to Greek-Roman mythology

- Claire and Trevor become ennemies

- Claire reveals something new about her past
(By Beltarris)

That can't be Aphrodite!.jpg


Hey, if you guys are looking for a Cupid writing
challenge, I always
had in
mind one where the roles are somehow reversed. Where
Claire would be a
sultry, more analytical APHRODITE, and Trevor would be
the laid back
treating her and fighting his attraction to her. The
challenge would be
having them switch but still retain their
characteristics. I just
this thing in my head where Trevor is running a
singles group, gets
to the hospital to see a woman who got into a brawl
with a hooker for
to find men 'dates', they open the door, to see Claire
sitting there on
bed, flirting rather heavily with three male nurses.
Trevor (admiring
her):"She thinks she's Aphrodite?" Doctor :"Keep your
advance money.
There's your bestseller..."

(by Steve Oyervidez)


Take the "Past Life" Challenge!It could be
anything, anywhere. Happy ending, sad ending, funny or serious. Maybe
ancient Greece or Medieval (sp?) Europe? The Civil War, WWI, the Hindenburg
or other disaters? Perhaps they meet the psychic lady again in one or more
past lives? If possible, bridge it with that flash of blue light, to connect

Challenge submitted by Steve Oyervidez

Challenges submitted as of 2/26/2001: 1