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Take the Cupid Fanfic Challenge!!! | Cupid Madlibs! | About Beltarris
For the love of Cupid!

The theme song to "Cupid" by the Pretenders.

I know that Cupid went off the air but I still love it.

I am basically making this site to have a place to share my stories(and now others' stories!!) that I am writing about the show with others who appreciate Cupid and fan fiction.

Its been awhile since I have updated this site.  Recently, I got a bug to create a new fanfic... so with the help of a madlibs #1 to get my writing juices flowing, I humbly have updated my site and have included my work in progress.  Click on the text below to take you to it.

Just added an, "About me" me page so if you are interested in finding out more about me, please take a look!

Site last updated: December 29th, 2002 9:30AM PST

I have finally decided to take up the challenge of a Cupid Madlib myself. Please click on this text to take you to my little work in progress. Hope that you enjoy it!

Click the picture of Claire and Trevor to whisk you away into the land of the Cupid Challenge page!!!


Cupidian Christmas(Completed!!!!)

Untitled Cupid story (this is a big time work in progress and happens to be my first attempt at a little Cupid style fanfiction.) THIS LINK SHOULD BE WORKING NOW!

Split Pea Soup and Padded Cells-a short vignette

Just Another Saturday-a short dialogue between Trevor and Claire.

"I am here to take you away from all of this..."

Jeremy Piven as "Cupid"

Cupid, god immortal himself. (Jeremy Piven)

"I am going to live forever..."


Oh my Gods and Goddesses! Its Cupid's Day yet again!! Be sure to celebrate this day by putting pen to paper and scribbling your very own response to one of the challenges!

Now go, carry out this mission, and continue to the spread the love!


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