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For the love of Cupid!
Cupid Madlibs!


Catherine and I noticed what a big hit Tanis's challenge of Cupid Madlibs was so we decided to give it its own page!!!

Down below you will see the original Madlib that was submitted by Tanis and also a new one!! With all new words to throw together in a short vignette or fanfic!!

So, submitted for your approval (and without further blabbing on) Madlib #2

****And we have another submission for the original Madlib by Tanis!!********

Updated on 03/07/2001 14:15 pst

Take me to see the original madlibs challenge submissions!!!

Original Madlib Challenge

Here's a challenge I thought of after one too many
cups of coffee. Cupid Madlibs, anyone? Write a
short, opening sequence for an episode using the
following words: jellybeans, dictionary, hyena,
dumpling, voodoo, kamikaze, Buddhism, cactus, pink
flamingo. No rules, except keep it short and post it
when you're done.

Fanfic submitted as of 2/23/2001: 4 :-)

Madlib Challenge #2

Click me to see the submissions for Challenge #2!!

Create a Madlib using these words:


**And remember there are no rules on these except to post them to the Cupidtv list!**