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What's New?

02.15.04 4.48PM
Archived the gallery and devoted the photos page to the Valentine's pics
02.14.04 4PM
Its Valentine's Weekend, a tribute in photos
01.30.04 2AM
New pictures added after so many requests
10.10.03 6.29pm
A little bit of a tidy up and some layout changes
10.03.03 7.46PM
Added new images to the photos page from my digital camera
09.25.03 4.15PM
Added new images to the photos page, and changed intro to the homepage
8.31.03 1.50PM
Changed layout of home page, added links for easier navigation, created new pages for the following:
About Me
Daily Theme Songs
8.26.03 2.18PM
Going to grab a bite to eat with Scham and then will be updating my site later. 
Today's theme song: Heart, "Barracuda"
8.19.03 9.23PM
Today's Theme Song: U2, "With or Without You" ... reminds me of a good friend... and you know who you are.  Hurry back home!
8.19.03 3.05AM
Quote of the month, "I am not going to uber-fuck anyone.. atm"



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